Main Features

Suspended Bridge

Length of main span 1.012,88m
Distance between anchorages 2.227,64m
Head room above water level 70,00m
Height of main pylons above water level 190,50m
Diameter of main cables 58,60cm
Number of steel strips on each main cable 11.248
Diameter of each steel strip, main cable 4,877mm
Total length of steel strip on main cables 54.196km
Diameter of secondary cables 35,44cm
Number of steel strips on each secondary cable 4.104
Diameter of each steel strip; secondary cable 4.98mmm
Total length of steel strip on secondary cables 20.000km
Depth of main pier below water level 80m
Depth of main northern pier below water level 35m

North Viaduct constructed with prestressed concrete

Total length 945,11m
Number of spans 14
Largest span 76m

North and South road accesses

Approximate total length 30Km
Number of reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete structures 32
Largest span 76m

Approximate quantities

Worked and mounted steel 72.600t
Number of spans 263.000m3
Removal of earth and stones 6.500.000m3

Companies that worked directly in the project

Total (11 of which were Portuguese) 14

Maximum number of workers who were on the site every day


Number of man-days employed on the project