Road Safety

Traffic Control Room

From the Traffic Control room located in the Toll Plaza Building, skilled operators provide support to the clients of the 25 de Abril Bridge by coordinating an immediate solution of any incident. Such support is provided with the help of patrol vehicles, the traffic management system and by requesting support from the police, the emergency, and the medical and aid services.

The Patrol

The patrol vehicles provide immediate assistance in solving uncomplicated breakdowns or by contacting your travel assistance service.


In order to operate even more speedily with the police authorities, Lusoponte has set up a permanent post equipped and operated by the Police.

Traffic Management System

The 25 de Abril Bridge and its accesses are supervised by Lusoponte and by the Police through 13 video cameras connected to monitors installed in the Control Room and the Police's Permanent Post at the site.

The traffic lights attached to the portal frames on the 25 de Abril Bridge indicate the status of each lane.

Variable message panel

The variable message panel provides drivers crossing the 25 de Abril Bridge with useful information. This panel is controlled by the Infraestruturas de Portugal (IP) through its Traffic Control and Information Centre (CCIT).

Meteorological Station

Meteorological Station, installed on the bridge, checks weather conditions (speed and direction of the wind).

The wind sleeves installed at the beginning of the deck are very important as they provide information on the direction and force of the wind. It should not be forgotten that crosswinds demand that greater care must be taken when driving.

Always respect speed limits

Local KM/H
At the access to the Bridge 60
Approaching the Toll Plaza 50
Driving through the Via Verde. 40
On the bridge deck 70
On the north access viaduct 70
On the Avenida da Ponte 90

Always keep your distance

Remember that in adverse weather conditions, such as rain, strong winds or reduced visibility, you should always slow down and increase the distance between you and the car ahead.

40 Km/h 27 meters
50 Km/h 33 meters
60 Km/h 40 meters
70 Km/h 47 meters
90 Km/h 60 meters

Please note that the distance between the lampposts along the crossing is 40 meters.

In case the vehicle breaks down

Immediately turn on the four hazard lights.

On the Bridge deck and on the North Viaduct access

  • Remain inside your vehicle and never abandon it. The Traffic Controller on duty will rapidly detect your vehicle through the video system and will send a patrol vehicle to your position, which will remove your vehicle to either the North or South emergency car park
  • The patrol services are qualified to make small repairs. Should this not be possible your travel assistance service will be contacted.

Off the Bridge Deck and North Viaduct Access

  • Try to bring your vehicle to a halt on the hard shoulder and place the warning triangle at the distance (never under 30 meters) required by the Highway Code.
  • Await the arrival of a patrol vehicle. Stand in front of your vehicle facing the traffic, protected by the safety fence.

Toll Plaza

There are 16 toll booths.

Lanes 1 e 2

Via Verde: only for light vehicles with valid tags.

Lane 3

Manual payment lane forbidden to heavy vehicles. Accepts all forms of payment.

Obligatory stop at booth

Via 4

Via exclusiva para clientes ViaCard com viaturas de classe 1 no período das 07:00 às 10:00 dos dias utéis. Nesta via é possível efectuar carregamentos Via Card.

Paragem obrigatória na cabine.

Lanes 5 + 6

Exclusively used by ViaCard clients driving category 1 or category 2 vehicles and motorbikes.

Lanes 7, 8 e 9

Manual payment lanes, forbidden to heavy vehicles. Accept all forms of payment.

Obligatory stop at booth.

Lanes 10

Manual payment lanes for all types of vehicles. Accepst all forms of payment.

Obligatory stop at booth.

Lanes 11 + 12

Exclusively used by ViaCard clients for all types of vehicles.

Lanes 13 e 14

Via Verde for all types of vehicles with valid tags.

Lanes 15 + 16

Manual payment lanes for all types of vehicles, except between 07:00 and 10:00 which is exclusively used by public transport.

Obligatory stop at booth.

Help us keep the Bridge clean. Don't throw litter out of the window.