Main Features

Overall length of crossing 17.185 m
Overall length of structures 12.345 m
Length of Sacavém access 945 m
Length of North Viaduct 488m
Comp Length of Expo Viaduct 672m
Length of Main Bridge 826 m
Length of main span 420 m
Piers Height of the main span 148 m
Navigation clearance 47 m
Length of Central Viaduct 6.531m
Length of South Viaduct 3.825m
Length of Montijo access 3.895 m
Caissons units 81
Total volume of concrete required 730.000 m3
Weight of reinforced steel 100.000 t
Total of precast deck beams units 150
Total volume of earthworks 1.400.000 m3
Total surface area 400.000 m2