Design and Construction

The 25 April Bridge is a suspended bridge with a total length of approximately 2,280m. It has a central span of 1,013m and two lateral spans of 483m each. On the north side there are two end spans and on the south side one end span, each measuring approximately 100m. It is one of the longest open-web girders in the world and both main towers are 190m above water level and have a navigational headroom of 70m thus allowing large vessels to sail through.

To the north, the suspended bridge is connected to a 945m long concrete viaduct and the total length is therefore 3,255m long.

The north accesses allow for the following connections: Alcântara, Amoreiras, the A5 motorway and North/South Axis and to the South to the A2 motorway and the IC20.

The road deck was initially constructed with two lanes in each direction divided by a central separator, which once removed was replaced by an extra lane - two lanes in one direction and three in the opposite direction. On July 23, 1990 the fifth lane became operational and on November 6th 1998 a sixth lane was completed and became fully operational. In August 1999 the rail connection was opened.

In early 1993 the toll plaza was moved to the South-North direction.

On January 1st, 1996 the exploration of the crossing was transferred from JAE to Lusoponte.