CEMA: Environment Protection

What is CEMA?

Environmental Monitoring Research Centre (CEMA) under the responsibility of LUSOPONTE was set up following recommendations of the Environmental Impact Study (EIS) in 1994, with the objective of monitoring the implementation of measures so as to make Vasco da Gama Bridge compatible with the diversity of the areas in which it is located.


CEMA's mission is to guarantee the adoption of an environmental assessment methodology, which aims to monitor the evolution of environmental impacts in the vicinity of Vasco da Gama Bridge, as well as to implement the adoption of mitigating measures appropriate to the specificity of the impacts.


  • Implement the monitoring programmes.
  • Establish a chronological record of environmental indicators, parameters and values.
  • Monitor and assess impacts effectively caused by the new Crossing during the construction and operation phases
  • Contribute to the assessment of the efficiency of the established mitigating measures.
  • Record and supply information applicable to the drafting of EIS for future similar projects.

Environmental Descriptors

CEMA relies on the support of independent consultants experienced in the environmental monitoring of the different descriptors of extreme importance for the monitoring and record of environmental records:

  • Water quality descriptor.
  • Bird fauna and flora vegetation descriptor.
  • Air quality descriptor.
  • Sound component descriptor.

Implemented Measures

Some of the permanent measures to mitigate impacts implemented by the concessionaire Lusoponte included:

  • renovation of the Nossa Senhora da Conceição dos Matos Chapel in Samouco;
  • installation of close to 5000m2 of sound barriers;
  • placement of close to 70.000m2 of flooring with rubber residue, noise attenuator;
  • construction in Samouco of three decantation tanks and the collection of oil coming from the rainwater run-off from the bridge.