Road Safety

Traffic Control Room

From the Traffic Control Room located at the Toll Plaza Building, skilled operators provide assistance to the users of the Vasco da Gama Bridge by coordinating an immediate solution of any incident with the assistance of patrol vehicles, the traffic management system and by requesting assistance from the police, the emergency, and the medical and aid services.

Patrol Vehicles

The patrol vehicles provide immediate assistance in solving uncomplicated breakdowns or by contacting your travel assistance service.


In order to guarantee a quick and accurate action by the police authorities, Lusoponte constructed a permanent post equipped and operated by the GNR.

Variable speed panels

The variable speed panels when operating indicate the maximum speed limit allowed on the lane and override the other vertical speed limit signage.

Variable messages panels

The variable message panels provide the drivers crossing the Tagus over the Vasco da Gama Bridge with useful information, namely on accidents, works in progress, adverse weather conditions, assistance being provided or incidents.

Meteorological stations

The three meteorological stations installed along the bridge monitor the weather conditions, namely the speed and direction of the wind, visibility, temperature and the relative humidity of air and rain. Through specific calculations, warning signals are provided to the operators when any limits are reached.

The wind sleeves installed at the beginning of the deck in each direction are important to help obtain information regarding the direction and force of the wind. It should not be forgotten that in the event of crosswinds greater care should be taken when driving.

Traffic Management System

Vasco da Gama Bridge and its accesses are supervised by Lusoponte and by the GNR through 91 video cameras connected to monitors installed in the Control Room and the GNR’s permanent post at the site. An Automatic Incident Detector (DAI) warns the operators in case of traffic jams.

Along the bridge and in both directions there are 73 EMERGENCY telephone posts (S.O.S.) connected to the traffic control room installed every 400 metres along the deck and every 800 metres at the accesses.

There are 8 portal frames equipped with traffic lights and variable speed panels.

The twelve emergency car parks (six in each direction) along the deck beside the portal frames are to be used by vehicles which have broken down or have been involved in an accident and thus guarantee a safe haven for the drivers.

The parks and the hard shoulder should only be used in emergency situations.

Always respect speed limits

Local KM/H
Bridge accesses 40/60
When approaching the Toll Plaza 50
When driving through the Via Verde 40
On the Bridge Deck 100 ou 120

* These limits may be altered to others indicated on the variable speed panel.

Always keep your distance

Remember that in adverse weather conditions, such as rain, strong winds or reduced visibility, you should always slow down and increase the distance between you and the car ahead.

SPEED Minimum safety distance
40 Km/h 27 meters
50 Km/h 33 meters
60 Km/h 40 meters
70 Km/h 47 meters
90 Km/h 60 meters
Please note that the distance between the lamp-posts along the crossing is 40 metres.

Toll Lanes

Lane 1

Manual payment booth.

Obligatory stop at booth.

Lane 2

Used exclusively by ViaCard clients for all types of vehicles (heavy, light and motorcycles).

Obligatory stop at booth.

Lanes 3, 4, 11 and 12

Via Verde for all vehicles carrying valid tags.

Lanes 5 , 6 , 7, 8, 9 and 10

Manual payment lanes for all types of vehicles (heavy, light and motorcycles).

Obligatory stop at booth.

Help us keep the Bridge clean. Don't throw litter out of the window.